Wardrobe styling

Wardrobe stylingWardrobe styling is a great treat for men or women, which offers a very informative and liberating experience!

Wardrobe Styling is all about refreshing and de-cluttering and being able to see your wardrobe true potential, whether it is full of clothes you never wear or just a sparse collection of worn out clothes.

Once you know what works for your body shape and which colours suit you best, it is easy to create and build your capsule wardrobe; i.e. the key pieces and everyday essentials that make your wardrobe.

The result is a clutter free, easy to use, organised and fresh looking wardrobe.

This is an informative session between yourself and your personal stylist during which we will review your existing wardrobe to get a better understanding of lifestyle requirements, your current style and shopping habits. We will edit your wardrobe to 15-20 key pieces, which you can mix and match with confidence knowing each item works perfectly with one another and never have to worry about not having anything to wear.

We will show you what’s working, what’s no longer suitable and we’ll explain why; we’ll show you how to put together new looks with your existing clothes. We will identify what’s missing and what’s a priority on your shopping list. We will leave you with an organised and uncluttered wardrobe with new found space for some new yet classic items.

During the session we will also take photos of your new outfits for future reference ensuring daily style inspiration is achieved.

The changes will be instantaneous even without going shopping!

Wardrobe management takes place in the comfort of your own home and can take up to three hours – £350.00

If you would like to give your gift some extra sparkle, we will also include gift vouchers for your chosen department store. We can also arrange other treats such as a nice lunch, hair or spa appointment and save you the hassle.

All Refine bespoke experiences come beautifully presented – each certificate is placed in a gorgeous gift box and tied up with ribbon.