How we work

iStock_000003118859LargeHaving a Personal Stylist is a very informative and fun experience but, unlike a luxury holiday where the effects soon wear off, we give our clients something they can keep; key rules on how to dress for their shape and the knowledge of what suits them.

At Refine, we work with successful and busy women and men and understand the pressure of modern lifestyle with hectic work schedules, family life, leisure activities and social calendars. So let us take the pressure off and relax whilst we do the hard work for you.

Each client is unique and special but they all share a common desire to feel good about their personal style, to maximise their potential, and reflect them truthfully. No matter the client or the budget, the solution remains the same, accentuate their best assets and create that effortless style and personal brand.

During a face-to-face or telephone consultation, we advise our clients on key styles for their body shapes, suitable colours, and wearable trends. Whether they are looking for a whole wardrobe refresh, a sharp suit or standout outfit for a special occasion. With our highly professional yet relaxed approach, combined with encouragement and compassion, our clients achieve great results!

Your personal style journey starts here, please contact us to book a complimentary assessment.